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All Studio classes are suspended indefinitely untill the COVID-19 outbreak is over.

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The Sofian Studio was established in 1972 and offers instruction in traditional Arabic, Turkish, and North African styles, from Beginner to Professional levels. Classes encompass all aspects of Oriental Dance -- finger cymbals, music and rhythms for the dance, veil work, floor work, costume making, structured improvisation and choreography -- and include a thorough warm up suitable for the needs of middle eastern dancers. Bring light weight and comfortable workout clothes for class; leotards, t-shirts, yoga pants are fine, and a hip sash for the dance portion. Also, it's best to work barefoot, but soft slippers or sandals are allowed.

...a gifted and caring teacher...all kinds of women come through her studio, living proof that this oldest dance link to our maternal heritage still has much to offer women of all ages and types.  (interview with Anahid in Gestures of Genius: Women, Dance, and the Body, by Rachel Vigier; Mercury Press, 1994)


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29 W. 15TH ST., 6TH FLOOR
NEW YORK, NY 10011
PHONE: (212) 741-2848     FAX:  (646) 486-3610

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