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Morocco premiered in 1979 at the New York Ethnic Dance Festival at Carnegie Hall. Subsequent performance venues include Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center-out-of-Doors and Town Hall in New York.

The dance is inspired by the Berber dances of southern Morocco and incorporates elements of trance dances found throughout the Middle East. Accompanied by percussion ensemble in North African style, Morocco conveys the mystical power and vitality of tribal communion. The dance was awarded a NY State CAPS grant for choreography which the review panel described as striking and original.

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Black Eyes premiered in 1985 at the Riverside Dance Festival in New York and was an audience favorite in the Company repertory.

A traditional dance of the women of the countryside, earthy and lively, Black Eyes utilizes excerpts from the Jajouka Festival and Berber songs for musical accompaniment.

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El Maghreb-In descriptions of the notorious dancers of the ancient port of Gades (now Spanish Cadiz), during the time of the Roman emperors, there's a striking resemblance to the modern day Shikhat public dancers of Morocco and both traditions are said to have descended from the Carthaginian world. With movements both delicate and indelicate, the Shikhat dance contains strong Berber, African and Andalusian elements.

El Maghreb portrays the dance through a contemporary perspective. It premiered in 1997 at the NY Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center and was later revised for performances at the Tribeca Arts Center and Town Hall.

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El Magreb b&w.jpg 1.8M
photo by Roy Round
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photo by David Lindner
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photo by Roy Round
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photo by David Licht
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photo by Terry Noyes
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photo by Terry Noyes